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General Dentistry

At Sapphire Dentistry, you can expect a personalized dental experience that fits your oral health needs. Besides offering routine check-ups and cleanings, we specialize in the full spectrum of general dentistry and preventative dental services in a cozy and welcoming Doncaster clinic.

Our dentists have the expertise and training to restore your smile and maintain your dental health for years to come.

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Routine Check-Ups

Sapphire Dentistry offers a routine dental service if you want a check up and cleaning for your gums and teeth. It includes a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. We will do all the necessary tests and x-rays to detect any problematic areas and discuss the best dental care options.

White Fillings

Whether you suffer from tooth decay or have recently been in an accident, we can repair your broken teeth using quality white fillings. The filling recovers the tooth structure. it so you can eat and chew without any painful pressure. When placed early, a tooth filling can stop the spread of decay and save you from root canal dental treatment.

Emergency Dentistry (Appointments are Available)

When it comes to dental emergencies, the sooner you seek medical assistance, the better. For any minor or major complications, we are the go-to clinic for emergency dentistry due to our fast service, unmatched care, and fair prices. We use the latest tools and equipment to determine the source of the problem and provide an appropriate solution to relieve your pain.

Whatever your dental emergency, contact us to reach the understanding staff and schedule an appointment.

Endodontics Dental & Root Canal Treatment

If you don’t treat dental decay the bacteria may spread and infect the nerve. In these cases, endodontics or root canal treatment may be unavoidable to remove the affected tissues.

We dedicate ourselves to providing great service using the latest technology that makes treatments as easy and pain-free as possible at our dental practice. We look forward to meeting any of your general dentistry needs so you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

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