Comprehensive Check-Ups

Our dentists perform thorough examinations on your jaw, muscles, soft tissues, gums, and your teeth. This includes assessments for potential temporomandibular joint disorders as well as oral cancer screening. Rest assured we will always inform you of any areas of concern and discuss what options are available to you.

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are an essential tool to us as dentists. They aid us in assessing and diagnosing dental diseases that may not be readily apparent or visible to the naked eye. With more information, we able to discuss appropriate options & potential outcomes with you in detail.

Restorations / Fillings

Where there has been damage caused by decay and fracture, teeth can be repaired painlessly with our affordable, white restorations to restore form and function.

Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment

A toothache is one of the most debilitating pains one can experience. However, that doesn’t always mean the tooth requires removal. Nowadays, we are able to relieve that pain quite comfortably without the need to remove your tooth.