Night Guards or Occlusal Splints for Grinding & Jaw Pain

Have you noticed your teeth chipping, shortening or experienced sore jaw joints and muscles? You may be unconsciously grinding at night and damaging your teeth. This can lead to painful cracked teeth, difficulty eating, tooth movement and an altered smile. Whilst we will always assess every patient for these symptoms, please ask our dentists for more information if you know you suffer from the above symptoms.

Anti-Snoring & Sleep Apnea Appliances

Snoring, grinding, waking up during the night and fatigue could be signs of sleep disordered breathing and/or sleep apnea. Unfortunately, this is an underdiagnosed disease and patients may be suffering without knowing it. Research has shown that patient’s who have sleep apnea are at high risk of developing heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and are more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, and early deaths.

Our dentists are certified providers of Somnodent and SleepWise devices, which are known to help with snoring and sleep disordered breathing. We are able to screen patients for these symptoms and work closely with doctors and sleep physicians to ensure we can manage these conditions in the best way possible.