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Sleep Apnea

Jaw pain and sleep apnea are common sleeping disorders that usually manifest with pauses in breath, shallow breathing, and snoring sounds. A breath delay may cause choking and significantly disturb you while in your sleep. Pauses can last from several seconds up to minutes.

At Sapphire Dentistry in Doncaster, we understand how difficult it is to live with sleep-disordered conditions. Clenching and grinding your teeth at night cause headaches and jaw deterioration, which can significantly impact your overall health.

SomnoDent for TMJ Disorders

SomnoDent is one of the most popular oral appliances for treating issues with the jaw. It is comfortable for patients of all ages, provides highly efficient results, and is clinically tested and validated. More than 90% of patients noticed an improvement in sleep while wearing this appliance.

These tools push the lower jaw forward, allowing the airway to flow freely. There is less risk of breathing difficulties or snoring.

If you or someone you know is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, it is time to stop and find relief for your problem.

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