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Clear Aligners 

At Sapphire Dentistry in Doncaster, we can provide our patients with teeth-straightening aligners, perfect for those who prefer a discreet teeth-straightening solution. Clear Aligners are an innovative answer to misaligned teeth and patients with spacing, crowding, and bite issues.

Clear Aligners involve a set of aligners that fit over the teeth. They are virtually invisible and are easy to remove when brushing your teeth.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

During your initial visit to our Doncaster clinic, we will take an impression of your teeth and create custom aligners in the dental lab. Each aligner features a thermoplastic material that is strong, flexible, and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy everyday activities without any irritation or pain.

We recommend patients wear the aligners for 22 hours a day for two weeks. Then, we switch out for a new set of aligners. After several weeks, the aligners will start moving your teeth into place, and you’ll soon enjoy beautiful, healthy, and straight teeth.

Clear Aligner Benefits

  • Clear Aligners are much more comfortable to wear than traditional metal braces
  • The aligners are almost invisible, so no one will notice
  • You can take your clear aligners out for dinner, on a date, or when making an important work presentation
  • You can clean, brush, and floss your teeth normally. No additional tools are necessary
  • Aligners move teeth slowly and focus on a few teeth at a time
  • Aligners require minimal maintenance

The cost of Clear Aligners may depend on your individual needs. However, at Sapphire Dentistry in Doncaster, we offer flexible payment plans that allow you to get the best treatment at a price that won’t be a financial burden for you and your family.

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