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Dentures are a prosthetic device used to replace missing teeth. Dentures typically come in two types, either full or partial. Full dentures or conventional dentures are usually placed in your mouth after your remaining teeth have been removed and your gums have had a chance to heal. Often this can take several months and during this time you will be without teeth and may require a change to your diet. Conventional dentures are supported by soft and hard tissue and typically replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth or both.

Another type of full denture is an immediate full denture. This type of denture is placed in your mouth immediately after your teeth have been removed. Though you are provided with teeth immediately they do not provide the functionality of conventional dentures. They require realigning every few months after being inserted. This is due to the changing structure of the bone as it heals. These types of dentures are flesh colored acrylic devices that fit over your gums. Both conventional and immediate dentures include a pallet on the roof of your mouth while the lower denture does not, allowing for the use of your tongue.

Partial Dentures

The last device is called a partial denture or an over-denture. Partial dentures are used when your remaining teeth can provide a support for the denture. A partial denture requires the use of your other teeth to anchor the device in your mouth. They are removable and are often used for aesthetic reasons or for individuals who cannot have or get a bridge.If you find yourself becoming edentulous or are already missing a considerable number of your teeth, dentures could be the solution for you. Dentures allow for increased ability to chew, they can preserve the appearance of your face, allow you to speak more naturally, and provide increased self-esteem. You will feel more confident knowing that you’re missing teeth will be unnoticed.

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